Where is all the content?

I am currently working on adding way more contnt, I am working on mike. Anone that played the last update will remember that you either offer to help him or report him. I chaged one of the options. I am planning on fully releasing this project until the end of the month. You can either wait for this or try the updates and see how the game evolves.You can now leave the city in at least one way and I am adding more.

The whole game will be reworked because I have yet to learn about the order at which things have to be done.

I am trying to make the time it takes to complete the game more than five minutes but this has proved hard since I use raw code (I code in pascal). I know it is far from even being a good idea but I am a student so whatever.

I am also trying to improve my code, the full source code will be free to download once finished along with some instructions and tips that I learned while I was developing thiw game.

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